This is Harbour Isle Yacht & Racquet Club
Our home and "paradise."

Harbour Isle Yacht & Racquet Club is a gated community
on the banks of the Caloosahatchee River
in the Iona-McGregor area of South Fort Myers.
There are 202 units in the nine sections that comprise Harbour Isle Yacht & Racqet Club.
This includes single family residences in the Harbour Isle Estates
and townhouses and condominiums in the mid-and high-rise buildings.

There are eight other sections of condominium units including pool homes, townhouses,
medium rise and high rise buildings

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Your approach to Harbour Isle is welcomed by one the above gated entrances.  

Arrival by boat is greeted with this view before entering the marina.

There are three entrances to the community. The western-most entrance off of Iona Road,
accesses Harbour Isle Estates and the two mid-rise buildings at the end of Portside Drive,
along with a few garden townhouses. The center entrance, pictured above right, accesses
the remainder of the community, as does the eastern-most entrance. All entrances are gated.

Residents receive transponders that signal the gates to open. Alternatively, residents may enter
a special code on a keypad at the entrance to open the gates. Visitors can gain access by looking up
the name of the resident they are visiting and selecting that name to ring through to the resident's unit.
This will signal the resident to come on the line and, after ascertaining that the visitor has a reason to
enter the community, the resident can press a number on his or her telephone to open the gate.

Note: The eastern-most gate, Harbour Isle Drive, has recently been reconstructed to include an additional entrance lane for visitors. The now two-gate entrance improves ease of entry for larger vehicles whole allowing turnaround for vehicles not granted access. These enhancements were completed as part of the settlement with the developer at no cost to the community.


The large white, multi-story buildings, in architecture reminiscent of Habitat at Montreal's Olympic Village, comprise the Ports of Iona. These were the original structures on the premises. It is seen at left in a view from the fresh water lagoon that wends through the community.

Developers Carlton-Naumann, doing business as "Iona Venture Corporation", purchased the development and began to expand it
with new structures. The first residences were a group of garden condominiums, a mix of pool courtyard homes and two-story townhouses. These were followed by a pair of six story, mid-rise condominium buildings with a residents' only pool. The mid-rise buildings overlook the marina, the river and the river island that
buffers the marina from the river

A view of the marina, with the the island and the
walkers' bridge to the island in the background

An eight-plex of single story condo units followed (below).

Four eight-story high-rise buildings completed the condominium buildings
in the Harbour Isle Master Association. (below right)

A view of the marina from a high-rise .

The portico for Section IV's high rise tower

At left, is our main pool. The fitness center, with exercise equipment, is in the background. There are two other pools; one for Ports of Iona residents (left below) and one for Mid-rise Building residents (below).

At the other end of the pool plaza is a spa, also for residents and guests.

The front entrance to the Fitness center

The pool & spa at the Ports.

The other tennis courts, with the Ports
in the background.

The Spa at the Main Pool area

There are two sets of two HarTru clay tennis courts in the community,
and an active cohort of tennis players, some of which are shown at the left.

Here's our pier that extends into the river.

A view of our island from the walker's bridge.

Two views of the island from the pier.

The fresh water lagoon is perfect for mooring boats up to 28 feet in length.

Fresh water means less bottom fouling. On request, unit owners are assigned slips along the lagoon and can be forklifted into the marina for full access to the river. There is no fee for the forklift services or dockage in the fresh water, presently.

(Right) A moored boat awaits its owner

The boardwalk along the lagoon.
As with most Florida communities, there is a large contingent of snowbirds and a few year-around residents. Owners come from Ohio, Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, New York, the Carolinas and other northern states. Harbour Isle is under a Sheriff's security watch.

(Left) Sunset across the lagoon. Good night.

The fitness center is open for use by residents and guests, and includes several machines for exercise. The center, with a service bar, refrigerator and restrooms, also is used for social gatherings and meetings of the communities' Boards of Directors. Governance of the community is the responsibility of Boards of Directors elected by each section. The Master Association Board of Directors is elected by all residents of Harbour Isle and is responsible for maintaining all common areas. A Marina Association governs the use of the marina.
Each Association meets as a general membership annually, with monthly Board meetings.

If you visit us, we welcome you, but trust No speding in Harbour Isle, please. you'll remember that speeding is rude.

This web site includes minutes of Association and Board meetings posted as expediously as possible.
Residents of Harbour isle Yacht & Racquet Club are encouraged to contribute their thoughts and observations
by emailing to Bo Darby.
Be gentle, please. All comments will be moderated by the web master.

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